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Project Control Risk Manager - Construction Projects

Ahmed Abdelfattah has more than 16 years of experience in the construction management field serving in all kinds of projects including: Infrastructure, residential, commercial, hospitals and utilities.


He offers other significant skills in developing graphical data analysis to conduct the project controls information, cost analysis reports & earned value indices most easily. Additionally, tracking project delays and issuing delay analysis reports is an important part of his knowledge and experience.

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It's not about the tool.
You can use a pencil and blank paper, but still, you can create beautiful graphs!

Tips & Tricks


I know that YOU CARE A LOT about the content, BUT, If you need to have their full attention, you may need to create appealing content. The few lines below will help you to know how to let everyone in the room listen to every word you say.

Presenting appealing dashboard is not a luxury or optional. Your report must attract people attention to what you need to say. You may have a lot to tell about your project, but without a catching eye figures, you may end up with your presentation without any rewards. So Please, Let it counts.

Know You Audience. People are different when it comes to understanding the statistics and engineering analysis. Some people like to see more photos, some are affected by info-graphs, others like to see charts; in all cases, it is very important to mark your audience interests, then create your dashboard accordingly. This may take you 2 or 3 trails to reach to the perfect report. 

Highlight Main Ideas. You do not need to upload your report with numbers and charts randomly without reaching to conclusion. Always remember to keep your dashboards focus on the main ideas that will enhance the project success.

Use Charts Instead of Numbers. Visualizing The Information is a key aspect of any good-looking dashboard. People usually lose part of their interests when see tables and numbers. Graphs last longer in minds and highlight ideas.

Match Colors, Choose The Right Font. One important advice is about the colors of the dashboards. SELECT THE DASHBOARD'S COLORS LIKE HOW YOU SELECT THE COLORS OF YOUR CLOTH. Match the colors and make sense of it. Do NOT use more than 2 or 3 colors as a maximum, however, you still have a wide range of colors if utilize the sub-colors under each main color that you select.

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