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5 must-have in your basic dashboard

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Create your informative dashboard: What is the best to represent in the weekly progress meeting.

“There are no fixed roles for what to or not to show in the weekly progress meeting. If you have a board meeting, you need to make a simple and informative dashboard. Try to avoid micro details and stick to the point.”

Whatever you need to say, it is very important to put in your first page of your progress report a one single chart to tell the summary of the project. The head numbers must include basic information about the time elapsed, the time remaining, the delay, the schedule performance index and the earned value.

It is nice to take the attention of meeting's attendees from the minuet you start to talk. However, it is better to catch their eyes by showing an informative beautiful chart to conclude a lot of what you need to say.

Create Relevant Content

Some PMs just care about what planned, what earned, how many days behind/ahead, and sometimes they may ask about the SPI. I create this for those who do not like controls' numbers. Let hard numbers for planners.

Within a range of only one minuet, the reader can know

  1. The number and percentage of elapsed/remaining time until the progress line.

  2. total delay of the project until the progress line

  3. The monthly cash flow allocated to the project shown in numbers as a value.

  4. The earned value against the planned value up to the progress line

  5. The schedule performance index of the total project up to the progress line.

  • From my experience, it is not recommended at all to go deep into your control data as the first hit to your report. you need to take your audience smoothly along your presentation and keep your information simple and clear.

  • Do not use more than 3 types of charts in your dashboard, additionally, you have to keep numbers in a bold with a clear size font.

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