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A Good-Looking Simple Progress Dashboard.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

It is not about the tool you use to generate your dashboard, it's all about how is your passion towards what you do.

It became obvious to many project control professional that modern analytics tools such as Power-Bi and Tableau will dominate the engineering and PM analysis. These tools and similar ones are going to be a primary skill to each planner and scheduler.

I do more focus on appearance of the output rather than the tool which will do the dashboard.

I do my dashboards using Excel in addition to the other Microsoft tools. I received several reviews from professionals from allover the world strongly advising me to switch to the modern tools such as power-bi. I do not have any concern regarding using the modern tools in my work, but why we do not enhance our classic tools to do better job.

This Dashboard Is Sponsored by Chartenia

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