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Get the max benefit from A Planned/Actual Line charts.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

It is common between most of the project controllers to use accumulative curve (S curve) to read the project performance. How about making a different approach?

How about getting only 2 line-charts to tell the project story from the beginning to the progress line?

How it should work?

It is very simple, the first line-chart reflects the monthly planned value, while the second curve shall lead the actual or earned value for each month that passed up to the progress line. The extend of the line chart beyond the progress line shall carry over the expected planned value for the rest of the project duration. The completion point of the expected earned value is projected on the expected completion date of the project.

What can you learn from such a chart?

The reader within 1 minuet can know a lot about the project status with a graphical comparison bout the progress history of the project.

The chart shows in the footer a graphical visualization of a time measure, so at any time of the project, the reader can know the planned against actual progress.

To conclude, this chart can tell;

  1. Progress variance along the project

  2. Days Elapsed, Remaining and delays

  3. A comparison between planned and actual progress along the project time

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