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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

It is not enough to just do your analysis of the project current status. You have to do another analysis for the latest (3) months to see the whole fact.

The Analysis of the latest (3) months may change your mind about the project overall status, there may be a different angle that can tell you some happy facts.

Why I have to do an extra analysis for the latest (3) months?

The main reason behind doing a zoom analysis for the past 3 months prior to your recent report is to get a close review of the project recent trend. There are many cases in several projects where a certain delay event happens during the project earlier stage, and this event used to affect and show the overall progress is less than targeted. this behavior used to put the project manager and the project team under a continuous disappointing irrespective any efforts they may do.

Or in another case where a contractor is under a recovery action but his actions have not reached to the level to cover the whole variance, then doing a further outlook to the progress of the latest near months will provide a clear indication whether the contractor will be able to recover his delay or not.

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