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Manpower Histogram: Control Your People.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Make it easy for them to read how many labors does the project need in every day?

"I do not believe in applying human efforts into numbers or productivity rates. People are not like machines. "

How many efforts do we need for today's tasks?

It is a challenging question to all planners & project's controller. Yes, there is a common way to get this number; however, having such an accurate calculation is very challenging.

Planners used to compare the actual quantities against the productivity rate to produce the time-man-hour report explaining the needed labour to do the tasks in a certain period. But are you sure that the productivity rate is suitable for human?

Do you see a human as a machine?

A human effort cannot be measured the same as machines. you can predict accurately how a machine can produce on a normal basis, but for a human, you cannot. You can approach a number, but still, this number is challenged by human nature. For example; you may notice a significant drop in productivity rate of the same labour under the same condition without any explanation just because he is a human who controlled by many variable and psychological factors.

So, What we should do?

Simply, try to approach the best practice and leave a tolerance for the risk.

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