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Program Dashboard

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

How to build a first page in your program progress report.

Creating A Dashboard for a program is not an easy task, but at least, you need to include such shown paper as a first page of your report.

How to build A full report for A program that includes Multiple projects?

There is no definite answer to this question, Also it depends on the information that you need to include in the report. Program is a multiple project that should run during a certain time, it may be run under the same contractors or under more than one contractor, but they should be executed under the same PMO.

The levels of details are countless, and this challenge requires from any planner to be definite and focus on what to show and what to omit. Nevertheless, Progress update must be included in a way or another.

What Information that should be attached to the first page of the report?

To the extend, you have to show the progress information but they should be related to each other in a way that the reader can know the information about the whole program and to know the progress information about specific project. Not only, but also it will be useful to let the reader compare the progress of each project against the overall program as well.

To do so, you may built your dashboard as shown above. However, the below information must be attached with the program overall and to each project in the program in your report;

1- The Performance chart & S-Curve

2- A Particular chart of the current month show the planned value against the earned value

3- the overall calendar

4- % Planned Vs % Earned.

Simple information, and if you put then in a good organization, the output will indicate an amazing dashboard.

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