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Updated: Jun 30, 2022

Laydown a Gantt chart will enhance your dashboard with extra element that will keep the reader on focus and it will deliver your message in no time. But how about adding some extras?

Telling about time schedule update is confirmed by the information about the completion date, Elapsed days, remaining days, and the total delay. If you have a healthy schedule, you will be able to track the whole of a project performance without with only time measures techniques. but the challenge is that how to show this on your dashboard.

Classic Doughnut Chart For Elapsed/Remaining Durations Measures.

I am a big fan of Doughnut Chart, nothing like it can provide information in a nice shape. it is the best fit to depict the Elapsed/Remaining duration whether in number of days or reflecting them in percentages.

Waterfall chart.

Comes in second after Doughnut chart is the waterfall chart, in this chart we can provide advanced explanation to the project duration entertaining the elapsed remaining duration as per the project original duration, but I added the delays in the top so all three parameters are forming the actual duration of the project.

Gantt Chart.

having a Gantt chart in you dashboard is very challenging; nevertheless, it is very important to be there. if you have a Gantt chart, you will provide a depicted thousand information in a blink of eye.

Delay Accumulation Curve.

Most of the project control professional used to provide the project's delays as a single number in the dashboard. How about collecting all the occurred delays a long the elapsed time of the project to let it be your Delay Accumulation Curve.

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