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Progress Outlook: Few Lines Can Tell The Story OF A Project.

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

I will keep it simple as it should be. Nothing confuse decision makers like overwhelming information.

Project Control Information must guide Project Manager and team leaders to the right decision; however; they may have a few second to decide, so at this moment, you better to make accurate and efficient.

I created this dashboard to explain the basic information about any project, So in few seconds you will be able to know;

  • The Project overall calendar

  • The project updated finish date and overall delay

  • The delay of each work packages

  • The performance indices such as planned value, Earned Value, Schedule variance.

I highlighted the information in which anyone can easily obtain the project performance, delay, and the package which suffer the biggest progress delay.

Download this dashboard from the below icon, and do not to share this post with others

AF- Progress Outlook
Download XLSX • 85KB

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Wisal Nema
Wisal Nema
Apr 28, 2021

Very nice , elegant ,and professionalism way to present the progress , well done Ahmed.


Rahardhian _
Rahardhian _
Feb 17, 2021


I unable to find the charts room in this dashboard. Because it is a picture embedded on the sheet. So it is not editable. Please advise. Thank you,

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