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Put A Project's Progress In Brief.

Updated: Nov 17, 2021

How about keeping such below page as a cover page of your progress report?

EPC Projects usually include more than one aspects when it comes to progress measuring. So, It is recommended to represent a first page to brief the whole progress status.

EPC Projects are complicated; there are more than one critical path, interdependencies issues, and many open risks. However, and in the middle of all these matters, try to keep your first page in your report as simple as it shall provide a brief about the project overall achievement and performance.

How to build a dashboard to represent such simplicity?

First, you have to visualize the overall progress percentages in a chart. For example, in the above dashboard, I opted the doughnut chart to do this job.

Second, I attached the classic performance composite chart including the monthly planned & earned value bar charts in addition to the planned & Earned S-Curves to represent an outlook to the project performance.

Third, In contrast, I highlighted the accumulation Earned value and the planned value in numbers that shown along with the schedule variance.

Fourth, To ensure a full recognition of the project general status, I inserted a simple bar-chart showing the Planned Percentage Vs Earned Percentages to reflect the progress variances.

Now it is all clear and ready to be represented !

Download this dashboard from the below icon, and do not to share this post with others

Progress Brief
Download XLSX • 58KB

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