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Quality Reports: Why we use to provide less attention to such reports?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Do you have a templates for quality reports?

Probably you do not.

"Quality Control is a Project manager responsibility. Consequentially, preparing Quality dashboards shall rely on the project comptroller shoulders."

Preparing a Quality dashboard is something unfamiliar to project controller because many of them still believe that the project quality is the responsibility of technical engineers, but No, it is not like that.

To conduct a project with a high quality, you may need to execute some quality procedure included in a plan which called Quality Plan that must go with the same process of monitoring & controlling as the time/performance controls.

Yes, this is true, and no one can do a better monitoring & controlling processes like a project controller.

What to include in a quality report?

Control forms are playing a major role in conducting the quality control processes. this forms are the base where the technical engineer provide his/her comments regarding the executed works. Additionally, they are the same place where contractors certified and verified their completed works.

So, it is all about the control forms. using them to produce quality control indices shall let s know the followings;

  • General Outlook to the project major quality items.

  • The Quality indices of the construction works.

  • The status of the Non Conformance Report

  • Tests Approved Vs Tests Failed

  • Quality charts for major items.

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Excellent work as usual !

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