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Schedule Output: How to get the max benefit of it?

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Are you done with your time schedule? OK, Let's move forward!

We know all that the time schedule can provide more than a time plan. It can provide a whole vision about the packages weight in a comparison to the project scope. It also can provides a clear vision about the weight of each package along each phase of the project.

What can we read from such a chart?

If you are a contractor, hence you need to know what is the weight of each package during the course of the project time. This information will support your understanding for the type of manpower & the supplier who you will deal during the project duration, and you will be prepared accordingly.

From this chart, you can see,

  1. Project Planned dates

  2. The weight of each package of the work in respect to the other packages at a certain phase of the project.

  3. The development of each package along the project time.

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