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Show The Overall Project Calendar & The Progress Update In A Contrast.

Updated: Jun 30, 2022

The content of this dashboard is simple and very basic; although, it can be described as the foundation of any progress report.

I came from several discussions with many project control professional from all over the world who explained that progress dashboards should be fulfilled with different progress analysis such as;

  • Project Calendar Analysis showing elapsed days, remaining days and total delays.

  • Full explanation on the reason behind the delays.

  • Critical path analysis.

  • Earned Value indices such as Planned Value, Earned Value, Schedule Variance and SPI.

  • Comparison between the progress of this Month/Week against the progress of the previous Month/Week.

  • The KPIs of the Late S-Curve in Addition to the KPIs of the Early curve.

  • Progress site photos.

  • Risk analysis.

  • HSE status

The above items are not covering all the feedback that I used to receive each time I publish a dashboard online. In fact, I have received recommendations to cover double of these items in my reports. Everyone has his/her experience in defining a perfect dashboard. However, non of them has told that producing a simple and good-looking dashboard is not important aspect of a report perfection.

This Dashboard Is Sponsored by Chartenia

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