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Time/ Achievement Progress Dashboard

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Provide a general information about your project.

It is all about the time and the achievement.

"I am sure that many professionals like to do their dashboards in this way. People who care about their work always want to provide large amount of information as much as they can. How about creating such a dashboard to satisfy your desires."

When you need to tell about a time update, you will never find better than a gantt chart. This magical bar which can show simply how your project is from its planned dates. It is also a great indicator to expose where the area/zone which offered the major progress/delay.

combined with what mentioned above, it comes the pie chart. It is the best graphical way to express your conclusion about a certain amount of progress that is made to the project as overall or to a certain phase/area of the project.

How should such a dashboard be useful?

If you need a reader to know all about your project, just use this kinds of dashboards. If a reader looks at this chart. in a minuet he can see the following;

  1. The project overall total delay, the time elapsed, and the time remaining.

  2. Each phase overall delay, the time elapsed, and the time remaining.

  3. The project achievement as overall.

  4. the progress achievement for each phase/area.

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