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Use Shapes instead of Tables

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Track your progress achievement using Visualizations.

"Info-graphs can tell what equal to 30 pages telling"

Tables are great, but also poring. If you need to catch your audience eyes, you need to use something unfamiliar to grape their attention, especially if this shape/chart is not common.

How does it work?

In the above dashboard, I sued a simple rectangular boxes to indicate a certain portion of a progress (25%, 50%, ...) up to a certain level of a high rise building. Instead of printing over 30 pages of Primavera or any scheduling software tool to show the schedule output and the progress of different activities, it is much easier to reflect all this data on a chart such as shown.

To enhance a full reading to the project status, I also added a Bar-chart in the bottom of the dashboard to compare the planned Vs Actual in percentages so everyone can acquainted with the overall progress and the delays

How much you can get from this?

The first look at this chart will let you learn;

1- The progress of different works at each floor

2- The performance of the work

3- read the project Elapsed, Remaining, and total days delay

4- The total planned Value against the earned Value

5- Comparison between the Time Progress Against the performance.

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