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Your financial Plan is here.

You will never complete your project successfully without an accurate financial plan (Cash in / cash out) plan.

"The Cash out Plan of a business owner is the same as a cash in of a contractor."

Each project has its own contract, and each contract has its own conditions. Some of the above conditions may not be applied or applied differently.

I create this by diving into Project's cost profile, it is necessary to have accurate figures to the project's cash-flow. Having only the cost distributed a long the project's course of time is not a perfect indication, but go through other milestones such as advanced payment, bonds, guarantees and retention could change the way charts look-like.

The perfect rule says, the Contractor's cash-in is the Client's cash-out.

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moh hass
moh hass
Nov 06, 2020

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Mahmoud Ahmed
Mahmoud Ahmed
Oct 27, 2020

Great work. Can you please share me?

Thnak you.

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