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Project Control, Risk & Planning Manager

Know more about me...

Ahmed Abdelfattah has over 17 years of experience in the construction management field serving in all kinds of projects including: Infrastructure, residential, commercial, hospitals and utilities.

He demonstrates significant skills in creating projects’ schedules, project control plans, Risk Management and monitoring projects performance and risk register. Furthermore, he owns remarkable skills in using Bower-BI and Microsoft tools to develop exceptional graphical data analysis and dashboards to conduct the project controls information, cost analysis reports & earned value indices most easily. Additionally, tracking project delays and issuing delay analysis reports is an important part of his knowledge and experience.


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My Education

Bachelor’s degree, Civil Engineering 

Benha University - Faculty of Engineering 


Some Of My Projects


Project: Entertainment Complex
Location:  Riyadh KSA
Cost: > 500 M USD

It is a Mega project that is being build in the heart of Riyadh KSA to serve as an entertainment hub for those who live or visit the capital of Saudi Arabia.

The project is being managed as an EPC project in which I have the role of a project control/Planning/Risk Manager.

I worked in this project from the design stage, I shared the project's team in developing the project execution plan. I created the master and the baseline schedule of the project during the construction stage.

The project is the type of Commercial/retails projects. 

Project: Neom Mountain Project
Location:  Neom KSA
Cost: > Multi Billion Program

It is a Mega Program that is being build in Neom City KSA to serve as a part of the new city development of Neom.

The Program consists of more than 100 different Projects that includes utilities, infrastructure, service buildings, roads, urban planning & Landscaping in addition to residential and commercial assets.

I joined the project's team during the master planning stage and I was responsible to develop the project master schedule that include the Design, Procurement, Construction works for each of the program's assets. I also Joined the preparation and review of the roads construction development stage.


Project: ISG New Campus 
Location:  Khobar KSA
Cost: > 100 M USD

ISG is an international School project that was built in Khobar City - KSA. The Project includes 2 large schools' buildings that are encompassing schools admission offices . teacher and staff offices, classrooms and labs in addition to the playgrounds and landscapes.

I joined the project as a project control & risk manager during the tender stage and stayed on my position up to the testing and commissioning stage.

Project: Villaggio - Restaurant Village Mall
Location:  Khobar - KSA
Cost: > 50 M USD

Villaggio Is a restaurant-Village-Mall that was constructed in the center of Al Khobar city KSA. The Project was built in a land area of 20,000 SQ.m and consists of 12 building each one of them is developed into 2 to 4 restaurants. The landscape of this project is the most prominent part of the project as it includes a dancing fountains and amazing division for the wide landscape.

the Project is a type of regular EPC Project, and I filled the position of both; the project manager and project control and risk manager during tender and construction stages.


Project: Cairo - Alexandria Free Road Development
Location:  Cairo - Egypt
Cost: > 200 M USD

Cairo-Alex Free Road Development is a 200 KM commute that links Cairo to Alexandria city. The project includes renovation of the existing road in and adding additional 4 lanes to work as a service road adjacent to the existing road. the project included building interaction and detour bridges.

I joined the project during the construction stages and I was responsible to develop the project baseline time schedule considering all the project condition and milestones. I also was responsible to do the weekly/monthly update to this schedule.

Project: Infrastructure, Water, Waste Water, Pipelines
Location:  Multi Cities - Egypt
Cost: > 500 M USD

During the period from 2007 to 2008, I was the planner and scheduler for more than 5 large infrastructure projects that were build in remote cities in Egypt. I was working in the main office of the contractor side and I was responsible to develop and monitor the schedule of each one of the following project.

1- Al Qanater City Water Treatment Plant and Pipes network.

2- Al Saff City Water Treatment Plant and Pipes network.

3- Atfeeh City Water Treatment Plant and Pipes network.

4- Shibeen Al Qanater Sewage and waste water plant.

5- Aghoor Sewage and waste water plant.

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