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Planning & Scheduling

Let's Develop Your Project's Schedule ...

By letting me develop your time schedule, you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on other aspects of your project. I will work closely with you to understand your project goals and objectives, and tailor a time schedule that meets your specific requirements. My professional approach to time scheduling ensures that all deadlines are met, and that your project remains on track throughout its duration.

Developing & Maintaining the Project Schedule

Developing a time schedule requires careful consideration and strategic planning. It involves breaking down the project into smaller tasks, determining the sequence in which these tasks need to be completed, and assigning resources and deadlines to each task. A well-developed time schedule helps to identify potential roadblocks and ensures that all aspects of the project are completed in a timely manner.

Project milestones: Make it easier for project managers to convey status updates to stakeholders. Can be used to determine when vendors and external collaborators are paid. Help project managers keep track of the schedule and whether teams are on time or falling behind.

Creating Activity List

The entire schedule activities that are scheduled and performed on the project are compiled into a single list which will be used as the basis for obtaining the duration and resources of each of the project package 

Estimating Tasks Duration

Estimate Activity Durations is the process of estimating the number of work periods needed to complete individual activities with estimated resources. The key benefit of this process is that it provides the amount of time each activity will take to complete, which is a major input into the Develop Schedule process.

Schedule Links & Correlation

Sequence Activities is the process of identifying and documenting relationships among the project activities. A benefit of this process is that it identifies a logical sequence of work, which in turn will help the project team work more efficiently.

Define Project Milestones

Resources & Cost Loaded Schedule. 

Schedules with resources of staff, facilities, cost, equipment and materials which are needed to complete the activities required.


The Resources that will be loaded to schedule such as;

Direct Manpower - Skilled labors 

Direct Manpower - Non Skilled Labors

Indirect Manpower - Engineering & Technical Supervision

Material Such as (Structure, Mechanical, Electrical )

Equipment (Production Machinery + Transportation)


The Project Cost will be uploaded to the schedule. the breakdown of the cost will follow the same hierarchies o the project's priced BOQ or similar document. each of the project's physical activity will handle the associated cost and the activities list will ramp up the total package cost, and the project total cost in a high level.  


Schedule Monitoring & Controling




My core work will focus in providing insight to the project delays by comparing the planned dates against the forecasted dates for each of the project milestones. The said comparison will provide the total delay for each milestone as well as the project's overall delays. 

Additionally, I will provide clear picture of the project critical paths and the project longest path as each time I will run the schedule update

Bar Chart


Earned Value Indices EVM are those Indices in project management that used to measure how closely the current project performance is aligning to the baseline. They are ratios that compare data points related to schedule and cost. The Important Indices will include

% Planned Vs % Actual

Schedule Variance

Schedule Performance Index SPI

Earned Schedule Analysis

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