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Project's Packages: How to sell your project to gain a profit.

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Recently, I have learnt that many contractors, here in the middle east and maybe globally, are selling their project to specialized sub-contractors by turning it as working packages. They approach minimizing the overhead, transferring the risk, and increasing the profit.

But Who can judge; eventually it's a business.

I spent my junior years working with a contractor of those who adopt in-house resources, and I miss these days when I had the full power to develop and maintain a perfect time schedule for my project. I used to have all the resources and the solutions under my hand. Now, I have to conduct tenth of coordination meetings with dozens of subs to build my schedule or even to conduct a little tiny change in one relation.

My time schedule has been dominated by strangers, and each problem shall be solved by extra time & cost.

I have attended several meetings where a business owner was bagging a contractor manager to increase the resources and find alternative solutions to the project. Those managers used to offer every possible excuse for their problems except the only fact that they sold the project the day they received the LOA to subs who lead the project destiny.

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